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About me

Pablo is from the world but was born in Ibarra. He always liked to make movies but he had no idea that "films can be studied".
His first job was as a gas station attendant, but he did not prosper ... When he chose a career he tried Communication Sciences, it was not his thing either. He discovered that his vocation could be studied and abandoned his first choice to devote himself now to cinema.
In 2003 he landed in Buenos Aires, more precisely at the University of Palermo. To achieve to graduate as an audiovisual communicator and film director. Although he obtained his degree, he believes that some things are not taught, and he is convinced that making movies is to follow what one feels. He felt that nothing was guiding him more than his personal projects, so he was filled with them.
The first, Onírico (2003), also gave him his first reward: the HomoVidens award for best short film of suspense.
He made many other projects while studying and also found time to form his rock band, that's why in musicalizing his shorts he manages to put together his two passions.
Being faithful to his love for music, Pablo thinks of cinema as an orchestra, where each element from its place contributes to a harmonious final result. He says that's why he takes care of every detail and resource that can help generate the desired reaction. He also believes that the zombie apocalypse will happen in 2022 and clarifies that: "The zombie is everyone's problem".
He leaves a part of himself in every each of his projects and as a creator he recommends: "every single one of it are meant to be seen with sunglasses", something a little cooler than a pair of glasses.


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Quito, Ecuador

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